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This pages provides guidance on the approach that the HCC Colts Section takes for match day selection.

The following applies to all age groups:

  • Teams will only be selected from those players who have communicated to the relevant coach and team manager that they are available for selection. This is usually done via the Teamer app, but may be done using different channels. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure availability is up to date at the point of team selection.
  • All coaches and team managers will endeavour to communicate team selection 7 days prior to the match taking place (and at least 4 days prior) so that parents can plan ahead. In turn, this places an onus on parents to ensure that availability is up to date at least 10 days prior to the match.
  • Team selection is at the discretion of the relevant coach. Although the team manager may communicate team selection to the squad, they are NOT responsible for it.
  • Players from younger age groups may be selected to ‘play up’ (and, in some circumstances, it is permissible for players to ‘play down’). Nonetheless, team selection will prioritise those players from the target age group that are available, except where the coach has a valid reason (e.g. to strengthen the side, to include a specialist wicket-keeper, etc.)
  • ‘First and second reserves’ may be selected, in case of selected players dropping out prior to the match, in which case they will be asked to join the team. However, if this is NOT the case, there is no obligation to attend the match.

The following guidelines apply to:

  • U9/10s: selected on a rotational basis (or equivalent) in an effort to ensure that all squad members play a fair and representative amount of match day cricket. The exception to this will be competitive Cup or Festival matches, when the strongest available side will be selected.
  • U11/13/14s: selected on the basis of ability, attendance and behaviour to ensure a strong representative side to compete in League, Cup and Festival matches. Players should not expect to play in every game, and some players may experience more match day cricket than others.

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