Dear Members,

It is with deepest regret that I have to report the death of our former player John Duncan through the coronavirus.

During the late 40’s and 50’s John lived in the white house opposite the ground, (where John White now lives,) he played for the club in the 1950 mainly as a second eleven player, then while working for Radio Brighton in 1971 he recorded a piece on Henfield’s bi-centenary which we have in our archives. Over the last few years he had renewed his affiliation with the club, giving generously as a supporter.

The one story that John liked to tell, and I can confirm as true, that on a fine hot sunny August Sunday afternoon in the 50’s Trevor Alcock batting for Henfield hit a ball over the road and over the hedge and straight through John’s open front door, straight down the hall and into the kitchen sink, just as Mrs Duncan was cleaning up, she took it in good spirit but then closed the front door!

RIP John
Conway Thorns